Music Monday

Music Monday is a weekly book meme hosted by Total Book Geek. Everyone can join in you just have to do the following.

  • Choose a book or scene from a book.
  • Choose a song that fits said scene or book.
  • Tell us why you paired them together.
  • Don’t forget to share the title and the author.
  • Be careful not to include spoilers.

My song of choice is Skinny Love sung by Birdy (originally done by Bon Iver). I’m pairing this song with Shadow Kiss (Vampire Academy #3) by Richelle Mead. Specifically the end 2-3 chapters. If you’ve read this book then you will know why… this song is just so sad sounding and heart wrenching. Completely fitting for the end of a book that tore my heart out and crushed it. If you haven’t read the Vampire Academy series I suggest you do so, right now.

“Who will love you?
Who will fight?
And who will fall far behind?” 




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